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Scribepost for April 6th 2009

Math Class For April 6th

For April 6th 2009's math class, the substitute teacher took time in explaining with us the basic introduction to "Integers". So for anyone who was
n't there , or who was there but didn't quite get the notes. "Keep On Reading (:"

The word
"Integer" literally means untouched or
whole in Latin. Integers from the set of "all whole positive and negative numbers and zero".


- Positive Integers : Numbers greater than zero

- Negative Integers : Numbers less than zero

Integers are written with a
"positive or negative"
sign in front of the number. eg. - (+1), (-1), +1, -1


positive numbers are written without the (+) .
eg. - +1 can be written as "1"

The sign of
a integer indicates its position relative so zero. eg. of a numbers on a "Cartesian Plane"eg. - 2,2 (q1) , -2,2 (q2) , -2,-2 (q3) , 2,-2 (q4)

Opposite Integers

Every integer has a negative counterpart, when these are added together .. they have a sum of zero. The pairing of opposite integers are also known as
" zero pair".

eg. -
(+1) + (-1) =0

That's The End Of The Note Taking Parts ..

but work wasn't over yet ..

We were all given worksheets about "Integers" with the exceptions of the people who weren't there. If ever you didn't happen to finish it in class, remember that it IS homework.

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CREDITS TO : math.about.com/od/geometry/ss/cartesian_2.htm


Brayden43 said...

Good Job! You used lots of colours and explained everything well.

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Good job you explained everything very well. 1 thing was you forgot to put labels on it. Other than that your post was very well done good job!!

Allysa43 said...

Good job JEM! I loved your pictures and the different colors were awesome! Your scribe was very neat and organized too. Also, credits to YOU for carrying on the blogger, because we haven't done it since SPRING BREAK. So yeah, GREAT JOB!

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Good job! Who do you pick for the next scribepost?

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Good job!!! You explained everything to the people who wasn't there what we did on that day. Your post was neat and colorful. And like Allysa said, thank you very much for carrying on the blogger. Good job again!

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great work jem. I liked your colours and pictures. you did good on explaining everything. you had some examples, and its good that you put a website.

good job!!

Allysa43 said...

REMEMBER, never put last names on the blog... its very dangerous. :)

Patricia43 said...

GOod job jemineth!!! You explained everything very well!!! I like ur picture and ur scribe was very colorful! Good job again!

Dakota743 said...

Good Job

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