Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today in math we did Number of the day, Algebra Test and Balancing Act.

Number of the Day:
The number is 7298.154. We had to divide, multiply, write in words etc. Remember that this is homework everyday.

Algebra Test:
We had to answer True/False, Multiple Choice, Completion, Matching, Short Answer And Problem. This was out of 30 !


1.Multiplication and Division are opposite operations-T
2. Given the equation a+6=14, the variable of a is 12- F

Multiple Choice-
1. m+5=9, value of m is?a. m=4 b. m= 5 c. m= 9 d. m=14 answer- A
2. 21=3y, value of y is?a. y=3 b.y= 7 c.y=24 d.y=13 answer-B

1. p+4= 11, value of p is?- 7
2. q-3=5, value of q is ?-8

a. equation b.expression
1. 6m+5n= b
2. d/4= 24=a

Short answer-
1.The school soccer team has played over 17 games with no ties and 4 losses. Use the variable w to write an equation to represent the number of games won by the team.
answer: 17-4=w

Brandon is saving for a mountain bike that costs $450. He knows that he needs to triple the money he has saved so far before he can afford his new bike. How much money has Brandon saved so far?
Answer- Brandon has saved $150.000.

Balancing Act:
The total was 77. If you haven't finished this at math class then it's for homework !

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

subscribe post for feb.26

today in class we did number of the day, if you weren't here or forgot to write it down the number is 7923.468. Remember this is for homework everyday.In number of the day we do division, multiplication,fractions and more! Also we did not do the test because we had an assembly.

Then we have to do a balancing act. The total of this balancing act is 75. If didn't finish it's for home work.

When we were done the balancing act he gave us this question.

Find a number that is two larger then six times a number thats is half as big as seven. Write an equation and solve and verify.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scribe Post for February 25. 2009

Today in Math class we did Number of the Day, if you weren't here or you forgot to write it down the number was 2691.543. This is homework everyday. Sometimes in number of the day we divide, multiply or sometimes even make fractions often using the digits from the number of the day.

Then we continued our Math Links on pages 398- 401. A reminder that our quiz tomorrow( It's a Thursday, there's no surprise) is going to have similar questions to these pages. Mr. Isfeld said it would be fine if I only gave examples, instead of every single question.

Here are some examples:

Draw a balance to show the equation 12=3+M, if M represents an unknown mass.

B) What total mass should be on each side of the balance?

C) Solve the equation to determine the unknown mass.

These aren't in order, they're only EXAMPLES!!!

The average life span of a grizzly bear is 25 years. This is 15 more years than the average life span of a cougar.

A)What equation will model this situation?

B) What is the average life span of a cougar?

At the Commonwealth Games in Australia, Canada won 86 medals. This was 24 fewer medals than England won.

A) Write an equation to model this situation.

B) How many medals did England win?

Shawn received $5 change from $20 when he bought some binders. how many binders did he buy if each binder costs $3.00? Write an equation, then show how you solved it.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scribe Post for February 24/09.

Today we did number of the day. The number was 8394.162. As you probably already know it is homework every day.

In class we did work in the math links text book, we did pages 398 to 400. It was mostly algebra and some scales. Here are some examples:

1.Wes is solving a problem. He models it to start
2. Use mental math to solve each equation. Explain your thought.
A) Z+7=42 B) G-2=5 C) N-4=8 D) 9=K+6
3. Ryan has a bag of oranges. His friends eat ten oranges. If there are 2 oranges left in the bag, how many oranges were there to start with?
A)Model the situation using cups and counters or sketch of a balance.
B)Write an equation to represent your model.
C) Solve by inspection(inspection means mental math).
These are some examples(not in order).
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Scribe Post for February 21, 2009

Today in class, we did our number of the day. Just in case you were away, the number was 6918.205. Make sure you finish it everyday. 

Mr. Isfeld showed us the correct answers from our test yesterday. 


     a+5=11                        a+5=11
 a+5-5=11-5                    6+5=11
         a=6                            11=11

     b-3=7                          b-3=7
b-3+3=7-3                    10-3=7
         b= 10                          7=7

    c / 5 = 25               
5 x c/5 = 25 x 5

    6d/6=30/6                   6d=30
           d=5                       6(5)=30

    7e+8=29                   7e+8=29
7e+8-8=29-8            7(3)+8=29
     7e/7=21/7               21+8=29
           e=3                         29=29

      2f-2=8                           2f-2=8
 2f-2+2=8+2                  2(5)-2=8
     2f/2=10/2                    10-2=8
           f=5                                8=8

    g/3+2=7                     g/3+2=7
g/3+2-2=7-2                15/3+2=7                       
         g/3=5                         5+2=7                    
     g/3x3=5x3                         7=7

     h/4-3=2                h/4-3=2   
h/4-3+3=2+3         20/4-3=2
         h/4=5                     5-3=2
     h/4x4=5x4                    2=2
4x+2+3x=9               4x+2+3x=9
       7x+2=9          4(1)+2+3(1)=9
    7x+2-2=9-2               4+2+3=9
        7x/7=7/7                    6+3=9
              x=1                             9=9

Then Mr. Isfeld gave us a word problem. The problem was the following question:

There are 2 more than half as many boys in class as girls.  If there are 12 girls, how many boys are there?

The solution to this problem is:

6x2+2=d              6x2+2=d                                                There are 18 boys in class.
   12+2=d              6x2+2=14
        14=d                12+2=14

After that, Mr. Isfeld gave us a question right at the end of class and we had to do it. 

So here is the answer. 

6 + 4 / 2 - 4 x 2 =

Mr. Isfeld gave us the answers for the balancing act.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scribe Post for Feb. 19, 2009

Today in math, we started with the number of the day. Just in case you were away, or did not write down the number of the day, the number was 5214.897. It's very important to get your number of the days finished, because sometimes you may have to hand it in to go to special events like dances.

Since today was Thursday, we had a math quiz. Because we have math quizzes every Thursday.
On our math quiz, we had linear equations like, a+7=10, d-4=5. We had to solve, and then verify each of the questions. There was a total of 10 questions on the math quiz. We did not get to correct the test in class, so we handed them in to Mr. Isfeld at the end of class.

Also, if anybody in class was done the quiz before class ended, we were given a balancing act to solve. The total weight is 50. Some strategies you can use to solve these questions, is to divide the total weight by 2, so you can make it easier, then at every arm or split, you can divide by 2. Although, this puzzle is more difficult, because there are objects in the way of the arms. If you have not finished this in class, it is homework.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scribe Post for Feb. 18, 2008

Today in math we started with number of the day. The

number was 5214.897. Then we had to answer simple

questions like what's half this number, etc.

After that we moved on to some algebra questions.

We had to solve and verify the following questions:

1) 5+x=16

2) 4+x=9

3) x+4=9

4) x/6=3

5) 4+x=14

6) 16=x+10

7) x+5=11

8) 6+x=15

9) x/5=5

10) 10+x=20

11) x/7=7

12) 3+x=15

13) 6x=30

14) x+9=21

15) x+7=7

16) x+4=7

Next Page:

51) 59= 5x+6x+4

52) 6x+6+3x=105

53) 10+2x+7x=64

54) 9+7x+4x=75

55) 148=7x+5x+4

56) 3=x+5x+3

57) x+10+6x=38

58) 6+x+4x=56

59) 3x+5+7x=25

60) 2x+3+5x=59

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today we did number of the day and the number is 2145.658

today we did a balancing act and it looks like this (look to your right)
Circle= 6
Square= 4
Rectangle= 1
Triangle= 7
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scribepost for ,February 10 , 2009.

Today in math we started of with our daily workbook " Number Of The Day " .
For those who missed math today, the number was 7214.586. For this particular number, you should now be able to do the following ...

1. Dividing the number by 2 .
2. Writing the number in expanded form.
3. Rounding the number to the nearest hundredth.
4. Finding the number in the tenths place.
6. Doubling the number.
7. Writing the number in expanded notation.
8. Writing a power using the number in the 100Th & the 10s place.
9. Then write the factored form, for the power you made from number 8.
10.Cubing the number in the ones place.
11. Squaring the number in the hundreds place.
12. Dividing the number by 3.55 and rounding the solved number into the nearest hundredth.
13. Finding the product of all the numbers.
14. List all the prime numbers.
15. Writing the number in Scientific Notation.
16. Finding what the whole number is divisible by.
17. Combining the numbers in the ones & tens place to make a two digit number, then writing the prime factors.
20. Writing a fraction using the number in the 1000s place (denominator) and the 10Th's place (numerator).
21. Making a improper fraction using any numbers.
22. Making a mixed fraction using any numbers.
23. Writing the answer for 22 , and expressing it into a decimal.
24. Drawing a picture to represent the answer for 22.
25. Writing the answer for 21 as a % (percent).


The following thing we did was finishing up all the incomplete work (worksheets), from our "Provincial Folders". These worksheets would normally be the recent ones we did. They are ....

Patterns : STEPS ...

a. Construct and extend a pattern.
(make a continuation to the past 1-3 terms)
b. Represent a pattern pictorially.
(make a picture representation of the pattern)
c. Describe the pattern.
(algebraic language)
d. Develop a chart.
(line graph)
e. Make a prediction.
f. Generate Graphs
(interpret, interpolate, extrapolate)
g. Write an "Algebraic Expression" for the pattern.
( 3xt=(n)+1 )
h. Predict "nth" values.

And the rest are pretty simple ...

Understanding Fractions, Mental Math (132/6), Ordering Fractions from Greatest to Least, Matching the Fractions (picture)
to the Symbols, Representing Numbers (Represent one half as many ways as you can.

Finally the homework for today is to solve the following question.

Write an "Algebraic Equation", and solve it for the following statement.
" Daylan talked for 45 minutes in todays class ... what did he do for the rest of the leftover minutes ... "

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Scribepost for February 9, 2009

Today in math we did number of the day and the number is 8129.693. Don't forget, if you didn't finish it at school, its for homework.

After that, we had notes to copy down and if you weren't there, here they are:

Patterns :
e.g. construct a pattern extending pattern
1 2 3 4 5

Describe the pattern using your own words.

" Each term has the same amount of spaces as the term number.

e.g. 1 space in term 1

" 1st term has 2 vertical lines, each term after that has one additional vertical line. All vertical lines are connected by a horizontal line at the top.

Create a Chart (either)


I believe term 25 will have 151.


Algebraic Expression:

Must work for every term

2 t + 1 = Lines <>
^ ^
Expression Equation

Nth = Means any number.

51 =lines

When we finished that, we worked on our Provincial Folders and it was on Patterns.

I apologize for putting it up late and for not putting any videos or websites.

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February9/09 Scribe Post

Friday, February 6, 2009

Scribe Post for Feb.6 2009

Today in Math, we did Number of the Day.
The number was: 7156.248 If you didn't finish this in class, it is homework.

After Number of the Day, we did another worksheet for our Provincial folder:

Mental Math
Solve the following problems in your head.
Describe as many methods as you can to solve each.
1. 132 / 6=
2. 56 - 7=
3. 3290 + 90=
4. 35000 + 6000=
5. 873 - 752=
6. 40 x 90=
7. 17 x 90=
8. 312 + 673=
9. 50 x 40=
10. 0.99 - 0.76=

You can just solve these on a piece of loose leaf.

Homework for the weekend:
Make an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division algebraic question, where the letter or variable equals to 6. Then solve and verify your own questions.

1. A + 1 = 2
A + 1 - 1 = 4 - 1
A = 3
A + 1 = 4
3 + 1 = 4
4 = 4

2. A - 1 = 2
A - 1 + 1 = 2 + 1
A = 3
A - 1 = 2
3 - 1 = 2
2 = 2
3. 2A/2 = 6/2
A = 3
2A = 6
2(3) = 6
6 = 6

4. A / 3 = 1
A / 3 x 3 = 1 x3
A = 3
A / 3 = 1
3 / 3 =1
1 = 1

The PURPLE means it's boxed.

If I missed anything or if you spotted any mistakes, please leave a comment.
REMINDER: The test for next week is going to be on Wednesday.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sribepost for February 5,2009

Today in math we did a test about balancing shapes,fractions, and algebra.

This is how our test look like:
(this is only the questions)

The balancing shapes has to equal 129. The clue was each of the arms is equal in weight and that :

This are the shapes that we were to do in our test:

The next part is about fractions:

1. order from least to greatest
1/3, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6

2. order from greatest to least
2/5, 4/5, 1/5, 3/5, 5/5

3. place in descending order ( that means greatest to least)
3/2, 1 1/4, 2/3, 2 1/1o

The last part of the test is the algebra questions:
We had to solve it then verify it and we have to show all our work!

1. a + 3 = 9
2. B - 4 = 2
3. C divide 3 = 7
4. d9 = 18
Then after we were done our test and we still had time we did number of the day!!

the number was 7613.248...... & remember it's always homework if you don't finish it!!

then we corrected our test!!!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scribe post Feb, 4,2009

Today in math we did TLE (The Learning Equation) . What we did in tle was Linear equations part 1. All we had to do was to solve equations like these .

x+5= 6
n+2= 3
y-4= 2
q-8= -6

In tle we had some questions that asked us :


Stevie's Weight was minus 14lbs = 70 lbs . What is Stevie's weight?

Then you had to solve it using algebra. Then you had to verify if you got your solution correct or not.
When we were done tle Mr isfled asked us to go on this website .

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scribe Post Feburary 3, 2009

Today in math we checked our home work from yesterday on algebra.

1. A+7=10 Steps: A+7-7 = 10-7 / A = 3 Verify: A + 7 = 10 / 3 + 7 = 10 / 10 = 10

2. 7 + A = 10 Steps: 7+A-7=10-7/A=3: 7+A=10/7+3=10/10=10

3. B-4=3 Steps: B-4+4=3+4/B=7

4. 4-B=3 Steps:4-b-4=3-4/b=1/b=1 x -1=1

5.4c=12 Steps:4 divided by 4=12 divided by4 c=3

6.C4=12 Steps:c4 divided by 4=12 divided by 4 c=3

D over 2=7 Steps: 2 over D (2)=7(2)D=14

8. 2 over D=7 steps: 2 over D=7x7/2 over 7 = 7d over 7/2 over 7 equals d

Then we worked on our Provencial folders.Mr.Isfield gave us assignments.One question is,show me one half in many ways: 50%,0.5,1 over 2, 2 over 4, 3 over 6, 4 over 8.

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