Monday, February 9, 2009

Scribepost for February 9, 2009

Today in math we did number of the day and the number is 8129.693. Don't forget, if you didn't finish it at school, its for homework.

After that, we had notes to copy down and if you weren't there, here they are:

Patterns :
e.g. construct a pattern extending pattern
1 2 3 4 5

Describe the pattern using your own words.

" Each term has the same amount of spaces as the term number.

e.g. 1 space in term 1

" 1st term has 2 vertical lines, each term after that has one additional vertical line. All vertical lines are connected by a horizontal line at the top.

Create a Chart (either)


I believe term 25 will have 151.


Algebraic Expression:

Must work for every term

2 t + 1 = Lines <>
^ ^
Expression Equation

Nth = Means any number.

51 =lines

When we finished that, we worked on our Provincial Folders and it was on Patterns.

I apologize for putting it up late and for not putting any videos or websites.

Thank You for checking out my scribe post.

I choose Jem to do the next scribepost.
Please tell me if I made any mistakes or forgot anything and don't forget to comment.


april43 said...

Good job allysa! your scribepost was really neat, organized and colourful! i didn't spot any mistakes so i don't have much to say, GOOD JOB again! :)

Anonymous said...

good job allysa... your scribepost was neat and very colourfull.. good job again!!

tamika743 said...

good job allysa. you explained everything very well. And you used the colours really well. I also liked how you made examples.

great work!!

kathleen743 said...

i was the anonymous one khaay!!! kathleen

elijah743 said...

ALLYSA ! your scribe post is really nice and neat. Good job, and yea it's okk if u didnt put the post on that early and i understand why. And, and the scribe post is really colourful. there's no mistakes according to wat a read. So yea good job.

jim 7 43 said...

good job allysa i understanded everything.good job:D

april43 said...

The only thing that has to be changed/edited a little is your example for construct a pattern/ extending pattern. Try to line up the patterns with you numbers, but other than that everything was perfect! ;)

Allen 7-43 said...

I liked how you put colors and pictures on your scribe...i understanded your scribe. GOOD JOB!!!

Brayden43 said...

Good Job! But, for the nth it should be 50+1=lines.

jamieq36 said...

Allysa, good job! I liked how you used so many colours to make it stand out, and look interesting! Also, good job in bolding, or colouring the important words. Good job in making those pictures and putting examples. I didn't see any mistakes. Again, GOOD JOB! :)

jamieq36 said...

Oh yeah, what Brayden said. You made a mistake in the Nth question. It should equal "lines".

Eric43 said...

Good job you organized your scribe very well. You also used many colours which was good. You explaing patterns 1 thing though 50+1 should equal lines. Good job again!!!!

Dakota743 said...

Allysa, what a good job. I loved your colours, and your graphs were great!!

Can't wait to see another one!!

sierra43 said...

GOOD JOB. It was very well organized with all the pictures and colours and stuff. You explain things very good. *YOUR GRAPH WAS GREAT. Good job, once again. :)

charity7-43 said said...

wow allysa good job
you really explained the stuff really well and i like how you made the colors and the examples
but next time try putting the numbers under the pictures
and it was very organized wow

fantastic job

Ezekiel743 said...

good job allysa your scribepost was Great, it was colourful and other stuff so good job

Patricia43 said...

Good job Allysa!!! Your scribepost was easy to understand and was very eat. It was very easy for me to understand your scribe!!! I liked the way you used colors! Good job again!!!

Brendan743 said...

Good job allysa! Your scribe post was very neat and it was very easy to read.

Sharmaine743 said...

good jon allysa your subscibe post was great. good job on making pictures and telling everything we did. also good job on puuting colors.

Harvey743 said...

I don't see mistakes. And it's okay to not put up a video and it wasn't late.


Good job.

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Allysa! I like your scribe! I like the picture with the graph. Great use of colour! I think you should add a video. Good job again!

giuseppe743 said...

good job allysa! your post is easy to read and understand. I like how you put colors to make it more easier to read. Sorry if my comment is late, I forgot to put it yesterday because ny head hurts. GOOD JOB AGAIN!!!

emmanuel743 said...

ahah wow, that was very good, lots of good pictures and nice colours. i never saw any mistakes, so GOOD JOB!

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