Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scribe Post for Feb. 18, 2008

Today in math we started with number of the day. The

number was 5214.897. Then we had to answer simple

questions like what's half this number, etc.

After that we moved on to some algebra questions.

We had to solve and verify the following questions:

1) 5+x=16

2) 4+x=9

3) x+4=9

4) x/6=3

5) 4+x=14

6) 16=x+10

7) x+5=11

8) 6+x=15

9) x/5=5

10) 10+x=20

11) x/7=7

12) 3+x=15

13) 6x=30

14) x+9=21

15) x+7=7

16) x+4=7

Next Page:

51) 59= 5x+6x+4

52) 6x+6+3x=105

53) 10+2x+7x=64

54) 9+7x+4x=75

55) 148=7x+5x+4

56) 3=x+5x+3

57) x+10+6x=38

58) 6+x+4x=56

59) 3x+5+7x=25

60) 2x+3+5x=59

Sorry for putting no videos or websites.

Sorry for the late post.

Tell me if there are any mistakes.

I choose Emmanuel to do the next scribepost.


Dakota743 said...

Hey, Great job Brayden! I liked how you wrote down all the algebra questions instead of just saying that we did algebra. I also liked your ALGEBRA in big, rainbow letters. I couldn't see any mistakes.
Great Job Again! <(-_-)>

joseph43 said...

good job Brayden!!!!!!!!!!!!! no mistakes on the algebra questions. maaaan your is better then mine:)

Allen 7-43 said...

Good Job.... i liked how you put the words on color and big.

allysa43 said...

GOOD JOB BRAYDEN! I liked how you put different colors for the important words and i like your picture! I like how you put the algebra questions down and made them big, bolded them, and made them colorful! I think you should explain more and make it a little longer. You should have also put up that we have a test tomorrow. But other than that, GOOD JOB!

elijah743 said...

good job , brayden. your post isnt hard to read of course. thnx for putting up the algebra questions. and plus you should put a reminder that there might be a test tomorrow !

sharmaine743 said...

nice job! i like how you put some colors and putting the algebra questions we did today.also i like the algebra in rainbow. good job again

sharmaine743 said...

nice job! i like how you put some colors and putting the algebra questions we did today.also i like the algebra in rainbow. good job again

giuseppe743 said...

good job brayden! thanks for doing the scribepost and telling the people who are not in school today what we did in math. i liked how you made your scribepost neat and colorful. goodjob again!!!

april43 said...

Good Job Brayden! Your scribepost was really good. Very colorful and neat. I didn't see any spelling mistakes, but one thing you could've put was a reminder for our quiz tomorrow. Other than that, everything was really good! (:

kathleen743 said...

good job! i like how you used different colours and explained well what we did in math but you should of remind us the we have a test tomorrow. good job again!..

jim 7 43 said...

good job...yea no mistakes and nice ALGEBRA thing with the colours...good job:D

Eric43 said...

Good job i liked how you used big letter. You put down the number of the day which was good for people like me who was not there today and it was very colourful. Good job again.

Riemer743 said...

Good Job Brayden . Everything was good but you just forgot to put a reminder about our test tommorow .

emmanuel743 said...

wow that was a very very good job. i like how you made different colours and used alot of those different things to make your words stand out. and i also liked that algebra banner. IT WAS AWSOME

Harvey743 said...

-Easy to see
-No test reminder=:(


charity7-43 said...

good job brayden
you put down what we did
and i liked how you took the time to do the examples and i also liked how you did ALGEBRA in the colourful box very rainbowy

good job

Patricia43 said...

Good job Brayden!!! I liked the fact that you got all of the algebra questions down bcuz there was a lot of them. I also liked the BIG algebra word. I didn't see any mistakes! Good job again!

jamieq36 said...

Good job Brayden! I liked how you put colours, to make it stand out, and look interesting! Good job in explaining what algebra questions we did! Good job!

tamika743 said...

great work brayden. you explained everything really good. you put all of the questions. i didnt see any mistakes.

awsome gob

Brendan743 said...

Good job Brayden! There wasn't any spelling mistakes. I liked how you used diffrent colors for the important stuff.

sierra43 said...

good job brayden, it was very well done. i like how you used a variety of colours instead of just one or two. you made all the words stand out . which is a good thing . i never saw any mistakes, so that means .. GREAT JOB! :D

Jemineth43 said...

Nice Brayden (: you had put down , ALL the questions ( algebra ) , you used big lttler and different colours. What i noticed was that , your explanations were pretty short . But , there wasnt really any mistakes . so good job (: P.S. sorry late comment .

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