Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scribe post Feb, 4,2009

Today in math we did TLE (The Learning Equation) . What we did in tle was Linear equations part 1. All we had to do was to solve equations like these .

x+5= 6
n+2= 3
y-4= 2
q-8= -6

In tle we had some questions that asked us :


Stevie's Weight was minus 14lbs = 70 lbs . What is Stevie's weight?

Then you had to solve it using algebra. Then you had to verify if you got your solution correct or not.
When we were done tle Mr isfled asked us to go on this website .

For the next scribepost I choose Kathleen .. Good luck! (:


elijah743 said...

hey good job brendan ! But you could've put the link on the math we had to go to. and put more colours and there should have been more things about tle. :) but good job, atleast its neat.

sierra43 said...

Like mr.isfeld said, we don't usually do blogs for TLE days ... REMEMBER:

1) bold important notes.

2) make it COLOURFUL! =)

3) learn how to make a link .. because it's better just to click it then to just put "coolschool . com"

Eric43 said...

Good job remember you can bold important words. Next time maybe make a link for your website. Also the website was not coolkids. Good job.

kathleen743 said...

good job brendan!! but like wat sierra and mr.isfeld said,we don't do scribepost for t.l.ecbut nice way of explaining and puting it very neat and undestandable!!good job!

Brayden43 said...

Good Job. You could've told more on what we did. You also forgot to put the link.

charity743 said...

good job brendan
it was nice and i liked how you did the evamples
but it would have been cooler if you had put the link to the cool kids thing

good job

dakota7-43 said...

good job
i liked how you did the examples
yeah it would have been cool to have a link

anyway good job

charity743 said...

i meant coolschool


Patricia43 said...

Good job Brendan! But like Elijah and Sierra said, you could've searched for a link about what we did in TLE , bold important notes and make it more colorful so people will get more interested in reading your scribe. Good job again!

john743 said...

good job but more colors man!

allysa43 said...

Good job BRENDAN! As Elijah and some others said, you should have put a link on the website so we could just click it. Don't forget to bold letters or make them colorful. And oh yeah, you don't have to do a scribe post on t.l.e like the others said. Other than that, GOOD JOB!

jim 7 43 said...

good job dude.. but i think u could of bolded some important words and put the link for But anyways good job

emmanuel743 said...

Good job, just remember you could like bold stuff and make things colourful. and was actually not coolkids haha. well good job. it looked very organized

Allen 7-43 said...

Good Job!Brendan i thinkyou should put the site mr. isfeld told us. ( and need some colors or bolded words.

Ezekiel743 said...

good job but not that much colour so didnt look that interesting and bolden up words and we dont do blogs about TLE but good job

jamieq36 said...

Good job Brendan. You could've made the scribe more interesting, by adding colours, and bolding things. It would've been better, if you added a link to the website that Mr. Isfeld gave to us.
Good job, again!

april43 said...

good job brendan! but you could've put a little more style and bolded some important words. And yeah, as a few people have said... we don't do scribeposts for tle days.

sharmaine743 said...

good job but you could of looked for a link.try to put color so it could be more interesting and aslso try to bold the important parts

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Brenden! I like how you showed examples. But there was no colour so it didn't stand out as much. I think you should have added a picture of video of something so it would stick out more better. You should also add bigger fonts too.

tamika743 said...

Good work i like how u used examples. Maybe you could have used more colours. And like charity and dakota said you could put the link.

anyways good job

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