Friday, February 20, 2009

Scribe Post for February 21, 2009

Today in class, we did our number of the day. Just in case you were away, the number was 6918.205. Make sure you finish it everyday. 

Mr. Isfeld showed us the correct answers from our test yesterday. 


     a+5=11                        a+5=11
 a+5-5=11-5                    6+5=11
         a=6                            11=11

     b-3=7                          b-3=7
b-3+3=7-3                    10-3=7
         b= 10                          7=7

    c / 5 = 25               
5 x c/5 = 25 x 5

    6d/6=30/6                   6d=30
           d=5                       6(5)=30

    7e+8=29                   7e+8=29
7e+8-8=29-8            7(3)+8=29
     7e/7=21/7               21+8=29
           e=3                         29=29

      2f-2=8                           2f-2=8
 2f-2+2=8+2                  2(5)-2=8
     2f/2=10/2                    10-2=8
           f=5                                8=8

    g/3+2=7                     g/3+2=7
g/3+2-2=7-2                15/3+2=7                       
         g/3=5                         5+2=7                    
     g/3x3=5x3                         7=7

     h/4-3=2                h/4-3=2   
h/4-3+3=2+3         20/4-3=2
         h/4=5                     5-3=2
     h/4x4=5x4                    2=2
4x+2+3x=9               4x+2+3x=9
       7x+2=9          4(1)+2+3(1)=9
    7x+2-2=9-2               4+2+3=9
        7x/7=7/7                    6+3=9
              x=1                             9=9

Then Mr. Isfeld gave us a word problem. The problem was the following question:

There are 2 more than half as many boys in class as girls.  If there are 12 girls, how many boys are there?

The solution to this problem is:

6x2+2=d              6x2+2=d                                                There are 18 boys in class.
   12+2=d              6x2+2=14
        14=d                12+2=14

After that, Mr. Isfeld gave us a question right at the end of class and we had to do it. 

So here is the answer. 

6 + 4 / 2 - 4 x 2 =

Mr. Isfeld gave us the answers for the balancing act.


Riemer743 said...

Sorry Guys. I forgot to pick a person to do the scribe post. So I pick Tamika.

april43 said...

Good job Riemer! The only thing I noticed is that you didn't choose anyone for the next scribepost, but I see you have picked tamika already. I didn't spot any mistakes, so good job! (:

elijah743 said...

hey nice post riemer. and, and you should like putting the question marks like in a line. But i think u tried to, but its just not straight. And yea make sure to put "i pick tamika for the next scriber".

Dakota743 said...

Good Job! It was good how you showed all the problems AND the verify. But, i thought your picture of the balencing act was a little hard to read..only because of size. Good Job!

allysa43 said...

Good job RIEMER! I liked how you put the different colors for the important words and sentences. I didn't spot any mistakes and it was very neat. Good job on putting everything we did on the scribepost. Make sure you put that you picked tamika on your post. Again, good job! :)

kathleen743 said...

good job riemer! i liked how you use different colours and showed all the things that we did in math! but you should've told us that we have t.l.e on monday and that we finish it!! but still good job!

Brendan743 said...

Good job on your post Riemer . I didn't see any mistakes. Your post was well organized.

joseph43 said...

Good job on your post Riemer . I didn't see any mistakes. Your post was well organized man.

joseph is awesome!!!!

giuseppe743 said...

Good job Riemer!!! You did great. You put everything we did in math. I didn't see any mistakes. And I liked how you made your scribepost C2 (clean and colorful).
Good job man, good job.

jim 7 43 said...

good job riemer i saw no mistakes ...u did a good job:D

Brayden43 said...

Good Job! You used nice colours

Patricia43 said...

Good job Riemer! I like how you put different colors on your scribe!!! Although I noticed that your picture was a little small and it might be a little hard for other people to see. Anyways good job again!!!

Eric43 said...

Good job Riemer your post was very organized and well done. I did not see any mistakes besides that you forgot to put down who you picked but I see you picked Tamika. Good job again.

jamieq36 said...

Good job, Riemer! The only thing I saw was that, you didn't line up all of the equal signs, and stuff. I liked your bolding and stuff. Great scribe!

tamika743 said...

good job riemer. i liked how you used colours for important things. you did a good job explaining things.

great work

Charity7--43 said...

Good Job Riemer, you did a good job explaining the stuff and i liked your colours
good job next time try to add a video if you can

anyway good job

Camille5 said...

great job riemer!

Jemineth43 said...

Nice one riemer (: It was in a way neat . you had different colours which was also good . You also explain all the things we did in math . GOOD JOB . P.S. sorry late comment

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