Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scribepost for ,February 10 , 2009.

Today in math we started of with our daily workbook " Number Of The Day " .
For those who missed math today, the number was 7214.586. For this particular number, you should now be able to do the following ...

1. Dividing the number by 2 .
2. Writing the number in expanded form.
3. Rounding the number to the nearest hundredth.
4. Finding the number in the tenths place.
6. Doubling the number.
7. Writing the number in expanded notation.
8. Writing a power using the number in the 100Th & the 10s place.
9. Then write the factored form, for the power you made from number 8.
10.Cubing the number in the ones place.
11. Squaring the number in the hundreds place.
12. Dividing the number by 3.55 and rounding the solved number into the nearest hundredth.
13. Finding the product of all the numbers.
14. List all the prime numbers.
15. Writing the number in Scientific Notation.
16. Finding what the whole number is divisible by.
17. Combining the numbers in the ones & tens place to make a two digit number, then writing the prime factors.
20. Writing a fraction using the number in the 1000s place (denominator) and the 10Th's place (numerator).
21. Making a improper fraction using any numbers.
22. Making a mixed fraction using any numbers.
23. Writing the answer for 22 , and expressing it into a decimal.
24. Drawing a picture to represent the answer for 22.
25. Writing the answer for 21 as a % (percent).


The following thing we did was finishing up all the incomplete work (worksheets), from our "Provincial Folders". These worksheets would normally be the recent ones we did. They are ....

Patterns : STEPS ...

a. Construct and extend a pattern.
(make a continuation to the past 1-3 terms)
b. Represent a pattern pictorially.
(make a picture representation of the pattern)
c. Describe the pattern.
(algebraic language)
d. Develop a chart.
(line graph)
e. Make a prediction.
f. Generate Graphs
(interpret, interpolate, extrapolate)
g. Write an "Algebraic Expression" for the pattern.
( 3xt=(n)+1 )
h. Predict "nth" values.

And the rest are pretty simple ...

Understanding Fractions, Mental Math (132/6), Ordering Fractions from Greatest to Least, Matching the Fractions (picture)
to the Symbols, Representing Numbers (Represent one half as many ways as you can.

Finally the homework for today is to solve the following question.

Write an "Algebraic Equation", and solve it for the following statement.
" Daylan talked for 45 minutes in todays class ... what did he do for the rest of the leftover minutes ... "

I choose Joseph to do the next scribepost ....
P.S. Sorry if there were NO pictures, videos and other things, and sorry for the LATE scribepost .


allysa43 said...

GREAT JOB JEM! I really like how the colors on your scribe post blended and how it was so neat and long. Another thing I really liked was that you wrote down what we were supposed to do for number of the day. You never made any mistakes, at least i don't think so. Although you should have put the letters (after the number of the day topic), bigger so that it can be seen better. Again, GREAT JOB!

allysa43 said...

Never mind about the small letters, i see you have changed it. GOOD JOB!

Patricia43 said...

Good job Jem!!! I liked how you explained averything well and I loved the way you used the colors to make your post stand out and it really did!!! Good job a again!!!!

sierra43 said...

i liked how you said the number, and explained what we should know by now. Loved everything, good job jem! :)

Eric43 said...

Good job Jem you did an amazing job with your post. You put down everything we did today. You also put ou homework up too. Good job again!!

april43 said...

AWESOME JOB JEM! that is one heck of a scribepost! :D It's very very unique and organized. It MADE me want to read the whole thing! You made me want to redo my scribepost again :p Just because you put so much extra work and effort into it. I mean how you put the Number of the Day stuff in there, etc.

tamika743 said...

good job jem. you did really good on explaining everything. i liked all the colours u used. great organization.

fantastic work!!

Harvey743 said...

Was nice of you to put what we can do for number of the day.


elijah743 said...

this is ssoo NICE ! It's like really colourful and then u changed the colour on the important parts. And yea it was pretty late that you did the blog because right now probably alot of people are studdying. but either ways good job !

Allen 7-43 said...

I liked how you made alot of colors. your scribe was very colorfull and words were easy to read. GREAT JOB!

elijah743 said...

and you were the first one who actually explained on wat we did on number of the day. :)

sharmaine743 said...

nice jobs.alots of colors. you explained everything very well. thanks for writing the homework

jamieq36 said...

Good job JEM! Your scribe post was very colourful, organized, and very clear to understand. Good job in explaining about number of the day, and what to do on it, and what we did on the provincial folders. I loved it! Good job JEM! :)

Brendan743 said...

Good job Jem! Your blog was very organized and neat. I liked how you used color for the important stuff . Good job again

giuseppe743 said...

GOOD JOB!!! I like how you put colors and made the important words stand out. Thanks for putting everything we did today specially the homework.

B-) :D

Brayden43 said...

Good Job ! Try to put it up earlier.................

jim 7 43 said...

good job jem i liked how u explained everything..good job:D

Deniel7-43 said...

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/ Nice job!
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
GOOD JOB JEM!!!!! i liked the colors and it was a long post thnx for putting them on cause i forgot to write them in class but thnx! NIce scribe post and i likes the colors and THERE WAS NO SPELLING MISTAKES which was awsome!! And another thing You did explain alot of things in number of the day !
Anyway Good Job! :D

Dakota743 said...

Wow, Great job Jem!!
I loved your colour choices and how you explained what we did and how we did this so well. I couldn't see any spelling mistakes or anything wrong. Great Job Again!!

kathleen743 said...

good job jem! ur scribe post is very neat and understandable!!! and the other thing i liked is how u used ur colours very well!!! EVEN though u have no link it still very nice!

emmanuel743 said...

AHAH WOAH lots of colours:p it really stood out and it was really really good, because there wasn't errors. good job again

Ezekiel743 said...

good job alot of colours caught my eye once I saw this good job again

charchar my sis did that said...

good job jem

i liked how you did the colours and stuff very creative
and your stuff was so neat and presentable no mistakes from what i read

gooooooood joooooooooob

Anonymous said...

good job jem

i liked how you did the colours and stuff very creative
and your stuff was so neat and presentable no mistakes from what i read

gooooooood joooooooooob

charity743 said...

good jo
i liked the colurs and stuff

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Jem. I really like your scribe, it's spectacular. Great use of colour! I really could understand what you did in class that day. But, I think you should add a picture or a video. But I didn't see any mistakes. It was very organized and easy to understand. Awesome job!

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