Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today in math we did Number of the day, Algebra Test and Balancing Act.

Number of the Day:
The number is 7298.154. We had to divide, multiply, write in words etc. Remember that this is homework everyday.

Algebra Test:
We had to answer True/False, Multiple Choice, Completion, Matching, Short Answer And Problem. This was out of 30 !


1.Multiplication and Division are opposite operations-T
2. Given the equation a+6=14, the variable of a is 12- F

Multiple Choice-
1. m+5=9, value of m is?a. m=4 b. m= 5 c. m= 9 d. m=14 answer- A
2. 21=3y, value of y is?a. y=3 b.y= 7 c.y=24 d.y=13 answer-B

1. p+4= 11, value of p is?- 7
2. q-3=5, value of q is ?-8

a. equation b.expression
1. 6m+5n= b
2. d/4= 24=a

Short answer-
1.The school soccer team has played over 17 games with no ties and 4 losses. Use the variable w to write an equation to represent the number of games won by the team.
answer: 17-4=w

Brandon is saving for a mountain bike that costs $450. He knows that he needs to triple the money he has saved so far before he can afford his new bike. How much money has Brandon saved so far?
Answer- Brandon has saved $150.000.

Balancing Act:
The total was 77. If you haven't finished this at math class then it's for homework !

I choose Sierra for the next scribe post.
Please read and check my post if i had any mistakes !



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hey u guys sry , i accidently deleted the first one , so yea sry !

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good job elijah! i liked how you used different colours and your picture was nice and i saw that you put a website! good job!

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nice good elijah!! I liked who you explained the test we had and nice picutre on the balancing act. good job on using different colors and putting a website!Job good again =)

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good job elijah...i liked the colours that you used...i see you also put a website..good job again

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GREAT JOB ELIJAH! I liked your pictures and the different colors. Remember, don't put light colors on your scribe post because we can't see it. It was very neat and organized! Again, AWESOME JOB!

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GOOD JOB ELIJAH! nice pictures, and nice use of colors! but remember, dont put light colors. Other than that.. It was very neat and organized! Again, GOOD JOB! (:

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Excellent job Elijah yout post was very well done. You explained everything we did and you are the first person to put a website. Good job again!

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Good job Elijah ! Your blog was very neat. Everything on your blog was organized . I liked how you used colors to explain the important stuff . Good job again

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good job elijah i liked you colours and good explaining everything

great work

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good job elijah! i liked how you used different colours and your picture was nice and i saw that you put a website! good job!

joseph reyes is awesome.

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good job elijah
i liked how you used the colors and you explained the stuff really well

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