Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scribe Post for March 4, 2009

Today in Class we did number of the day. The number is 7791.692.
Remember it's for homework everyday !

Then we continued on our Probability notes.

Outcome- is the possible result of a probability experiment.

Favourable outcome- is a succesful result in a probability experiment.


The tiles S, N, O, W are placed in a bag.

1. What is the probability of drawing a letter "W" from the bag?
Another way to write the same question is P(W).

P(W) = Favourable outcomes
Possible Outcomes

= 1/4 (fraction)

= 25% (percent)
= 1:4 (ratio)

2. P(S or O) = favourable


= 2/4 - 1/2

= 50%
= 1:2

3. P(consonant) = favourable


= 3/4
= 75%
= 3:4

4. P(B) = favourable


= 0/4

= 0%

A bag contains 10 marbles, show the probability of the following event as a fraction, percent and ratio.

a. P(red marbles) = 6/10 - 3/5
= 60%
= 3:5

b. P(red, blue or green marbles) = 10/10 - 1/1

c. P(not a red marble) = 4/10 - 2/5
= 40%
= 2:5

The letters M, O, U, N, T, A, I, N are in a bag.
a. P(N) = 2/8 - 1/4
= 25%
= 1:4

b. P(consonant) = 4/8 - 1/2
= 50%
= 1:2

c. P(letter) = 8/8 - 1/1
= 100%
= 1:1

What is the probability of flipping a coin heads and rolling a 6 ?

Dont Forget: Please comment on what i did bad or good.
(P.S. sorry if it was plain, this is just my first time)

I choose Charity for the next scribepost !


sharmaine743 said...

good job princess!! i like all your colors you choose and your picture. You explained everything very well on the Probability notes. you forgot one thing though, you didn't say that we have a test tomorrow and what the test will be on! but other than that well done =D

kathleen743 said...

good job princess! iliked how you explained everything and how you used different colours! but you forgot to tell us that we have a test tommorow! but still good job!

charity743 said...

good job princess you did a good job
i liked your colors and you explained the stuff really good

do we do post on test day

Eric43 said...

Excellent job princess your post was very neat and you put down everything we did today. One thing you could've put was that there is a test tommrow and what it is on. Good job!!

elijah743 said...

GOOD JOB PRINCESS ! it was very neat, made sence, nice colours and, and nice picture ;). Yea, you kinda did forget about the test tomorrow. So yea thats the only mistake you did.

Jemineth43 said...

Great Job Princess ! the different colors in your post was well seen. you explanation of all the things we did today in class, specially probability was explained well, and well understandable. Just remember to put reminders of what important things we're going to do the next day, but after all you did a good job :)

april43 said...

Great Job Princess! Good use of colors. Your explanations were very well done! But one thing you forgot was to remind us to study incase of a quiz tomorrow. That's all. (: Good job!

Brendan743 said...

Good job princess! Your post was very neat. I liked how you used color and I noticed that you put everything that we did in class. Good job again.

allysa said...

good job princess! i loved your picture and the different colors. Thats alright if it was plain, but for me it wasn't. It was very neat and organized too! As other people has said already, you forgot to put that we have a test tomorrow. Anyway, awesome job!

allysa43 said...

sorry, i forgot to put my room #.

jim 7 43 said...

good job princess i like the pretty colours and i also liked how you expaind everything that we did today.good job

Brayden43 said...

Good Job! You explained everything well and used different colours. You could've put less space so the post wouldn't be as long and you could've reminded us about the test.

Dakota743 said...

Good job......your only put the stuff we needed to know and not extra boring stuff ....that was good..... i think your picture of the bag of marbles was neat it was an organized post good job again

joseph43 said...

good job princess i like the colours and i also liked how you expaind everything that we did today.good job

joseph reyes is awesome!!

tamika743 said...

great work princess. i liked all your colours. you explained everything very well.

good scribe

jamieq36 said...

Good job Princess! It was very well organized and neat! =) I liked to colours too! But you forgot to say that we had a test.

giuseppe743 said...

Good job princess! You did good. Your scribepost is very neat and easy to undestand. You put everything we did in math. Good job again!!!

Patricia43 said...

Good job princess!!! I like the way you used colors and I also liked your picture. Your scribe was very neat and you explained everything nicely. Good job again!!!

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