Wednesday, March 4, 2009

scribepost for march 5

today in math we did number of the day. The number was 9965.267 you and if did not finish it it was homework as always.

after that we did our test on probability since it was Thursday.
if you finished the test before it was time you had to do this:

we did not get to go over it.

after we did the test we went over it and then we went over the homework from yesterday.

then Mr. Isfeld gave us a question to do:

what is the probability of landing a coin on heads and rolling a 3 with a normal die
to find the answer you need a:
probability tree/diagram
/ / / / / / /
1 2 3 4 5 6
/ / / / / /
1 2 3 4 5 6
p(H and 3)= favourable outcomes/possible outcomes
p(H and 3)=1/12 or 1:12 or 8.3%
what is the probability of rolling a 2 on 1 die and drawing the out of a bag containing the letters S N O W
FIND 72% OF 120


allysa43 said...

great job charity! i liked your picture, it was very colorful! I also liked how it was organized and neat. I liked the colors on your scribe post. I think you should have checked over your scribe, you had a few spelling mistakes. I think you should read over the first question in the homework beacuse it dosen't make sense. Again, good job!

elijah743 said...

hey good job Charity, nice colours, picture, it was easy to read, and neat. And it's not that late so yea. I saw a grammar mistake for the 2ndsentence. And you should put some examples of the test. And the tree diagram wasnt spaced out so it was pretty hrd to read. But over all good job !

princess743 said...

good job charity ! i liked your picture. plus nice use of colors. but you should read over your scribe for any spelling mistakes. but other than that great job !

jim 7 43 said...

good job charity i like the colours you used...i agree with elijah too but good job

jamieq36 said...

Good job Charity! The picture was colourful, and neat! But remember some puncuation and stuff, and the homework question, don't forget to look over that, and all your work! Other than that, great job!

sierra43 said...

good job, i liked the picture, how you changed the font and also how you had different colours. i saw some spelling errors, next time check over your scribe post!

Eric43 said...

Good job Charity your post was very neat and colourful. There was some grammer mistakes so don't forget to read your post over before you plubish it. Good job again!!

giuseppe743 said...

Good job charity! I liked your picture, but it was kinda hard to understand but that's okay. You put everything we did today. Your scribepost is neat, easy to read, and colorful. And I also liked how you made the letters at the bottom in different sizes, it looks really cool. Good job.

sharmaine743 said...

great job charity! i liked your picture, it was so colorful. nice job on using lots of different colors. your post was very organized and neat but i saw some spelling mistakes.anyways good job!

Brayden43 said...

good job! you explained everything well. there was a grammar Érror in the second sentence it didn't make sÉnsÉ. You shouldn't usÉ yÉllow b£cause it is hard to see. ×£×♫ØÿÖ£×ÿ

kathleen743 said...

good job! i liked your picture it was very colourful and your scribe post was very neat but some of the sentence in your scribe post doesnt make sence! but good job again!

april43 said...

Good job Charity! Your picture was pretty nice, but it wasn't very understandable. Next time, try to draw your shapes neater. Also, your homework sentence didn't really make sence. Just make sure to read over next time. Good job again!

Dakota743 said...

good job charity i thought you did a neat scribe post ..............................but i also thought that you kinda over did it with the picture just how you put things that werent needed...good job though.......

Harvey743 said...

Good job Charity. It was vvery neat and colorful.

tamika743 said...

great work charity. i liked everything you did like your colours and how you put the stuff.

awsome work

Brendan743 said...

Good job charity. Your blog was very colorful and neat. I noticed that you had a few spelling mistakes .

Patricia43 said...

Good job Charity!!! I like the way you used color on your picture!!! It was very pretty!!! I think you should have looked over your scribe to make sure everything was perfect like what Allysa said. Good job again!!!

charity743 said...
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Jemineth43 said...

Nice Charity (: You had different colors on your post . I liked how you added a picture, which work out well with the neat and organized post you had. It was kind of hard to understand how the tree diagram works, because it was kind of stuck together. But it wasn't bad. There was a typo. All in All GOOD JOB (:

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