Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scribepost for May 12

Today in Math class Mr. P wasn't here so Mr. Isfeld is teaching us. There was also an assembly about foot ball so we didn't do much.

But what we did do is study for our test tomorrow.

Here are some things to know to be ready for the test.


This means diameter equals radius x 2.

This basically means that the diameter is twice the radius.


This is the formula to find out the circumference. The formula stands for Circumference equals Pi times diameter

This means that the diameter times the Pi will give you a circumference.

The Pi is 3.14159265

But for the test, we will use the shortened version-3.14.


This is
basically the first two formulas combined. You multiply the radius by 2 and multiply it by π (3.14)

And we also got a study quiz.

This is what it looked like:

Diameter Check Radius

The middle "check" part is for you to check your answers later to see if you got the answers right.

You can also do this in home without the sheet.

I hope every passes the test.

Edit: I keep forgetting, I pick Brayden to do the next scribepost.


jim 7 43 said...

good job man i like how you expainded everything

Eric43 said...

Good job Harvey your scribe was very good. Except 1 part where you said every passes I think you ment everyone passes. Good job!

Harvey743 said...


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