Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ScribePost for March 17, 2009

Today in math we did number of the day which was 1936.295. Number of the day is always homework! We had homework and notes:

Area= Area is the number of square units in a two dimensional region.

eg: 4 cm squared
4- amount cm- units

Area of rectangle or square

Length x width = area

a=L x W
a=6 x 2
a= 12 m squared


Parallelogram= a four sided figure with opposite sides parallel and equal in legth.

I means sides are equal in length
^ means lines are parallel

base= a side of a two dimensional closed figure
=common symbol is b.

height= the perpendicular distance from the base to the opposite side.
=common symbol is h.

Perpendicular= a line that meets another line at a right or 90 degree angle.

a= L x W a= b x h
a= 6 x 2 a= 6 x 3
a= 12 m squared a= 12 m squared

EEach height is the exact same size.

Area of Parallelogram
a= b x h

h= 3 cm a= b xh
b= 9 cm a= 9 x 3
a= 27 cm squared

Find the area of the following figures.

Please comment me and tell me if I did any mistakes!!!


Patricia43 said...

I'm really sorry if it was late. I had to put the pictures in and trust me it was hard bcuz there was a lot. Sorry again.

april43 said...

Great job on your blogger patricia! I don't think i saw any spelling mistakes. But I did notice that you didn't choose the next person for the next scribe. Also, it was a pretty late post.. But I noticed that it was a pretty long one, and it was very organized and detailed. Once again, GREAT JOB PATRICIA! (:

Brendan743 said...

Good job patrica! I didn't see any spelling mistakes . I noticed that you didnn't pick the person for the next scribe. Your blog was late, your blog was well organized and pretty long . GOOD JOB AGAIN!

Jemineth43 said...

Nice Blog Patricia :) You had different colors , and explained the things we did in math very well. Also your explanations were neat , organized , and accurate. There were different images, added on area about what we did today (: good job good job good job (:

Eric43 said...

Good job Patricia your blog was very neat and organized. You explained everything we did and put down the homework too. Very good job Patricia!

Harvey743 said...

good job patricia. your pictures are great. maybe you can link to a video about area.

Allysa43 said...

good job patricia! i liked how you put different colors on your blog. I don't think i saw any mistakes great job! Oh yeah, don't forget to pick another person for the blog.

jamieq36 said...

Good job Patricia! It looked like you worked very hard on this scribe! I don't think I saw any spelling mistakes, and I liked the pictures! It's okay if it was late. By the way, who did you pick for the next scribe? GOOD JOB AGAIN!

elijah743 said...

hey, yea GOOD JOB. I understand why you did the blog late now. heh, yea you've did it soo organized and pretty ;)! yea,the only mistake i saw was that you never chose a person to do the blog for the next scriber. But yea nice colours, and specially the pictures !

charity743 said...

good job patricia and yeah i understand.there were alot of pics but you did a great job.
i did not see any mistakes and i liked your use of colour

good job

giuseppe743 said...

gud job patricia! sorry f my comment was late! anyways u did a really gud job on your scribepost. it was really neat and i liked your picture cuz it was so ez 2 understand. i also noticed that you forgot 2 pick a person 4 da next scribepost. gud job again.

Dakota743 said...

Good job patricia your scribe was well organized and long enough to tell that you put alot of effort into your scribe post .......i noticed you forgot to choose the person for the next scribe but good job

Brayden43 said...

Good Job! You explained everything well and I didn't see any spelling mistakes. Try using more colours.

sharmainea743 said...

great job! your blog was very understandable. i didn't see any mistakes, the only thing i saw was you forgot to pick the nextperson to do the subscirbe post. anyways good job again

Tamika743 said...

great work patricia.i understand everything you said.there were alot of pictures you did a great job. i liked you colours too.
i did not see any mistakes.

great job again

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