Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scribe Post for Jan. 14, 2009

Today, I will show you how to publish a blog on Blogger.

The first thing you must do, is put the title.
The title must be "Scribe Post for", then the date you are doing it.
Next, you must put labels. The labels should be lowercase and separated with commas like this :
jamieq36, scribepost
^ You have to put your user name, then type scribepost.


To add any images, you have to look for one first. Then save it to somewhere you can find it. After you've saved the image, you have to click on the blue button, next to the 'ABC' button, and click browse. It will bring you to a window filled with files. Look for where you saved the picture, then click on it, then click open. After all for that, click upload photo, then you picture will pop up in the 'compose' box.


To add a link, first, you have to copy the address in the address bar. Highlight the word that you chose to become the link. Click on the green button, right beside the colourful button, then paste the address. Then click 'OK'.


First of all, you want to know where your video is. Let's say... YouTube. Go to your video, then copy the "embed" (embedded code). After, click on the button that says 'Edit Html'. Scroll to the very bottom, then paste the embedded code onto the text. When you pasted it, click on the 'Compose' button to get back.


To colour your font, you have to highlight the text you want to colour, then click on the colourful button. NEVER use yellow, or any light colours if you want to change the colour. As you can see, it is hard to see. That's why you don't use it. It's better to choose a colour that is easy to see, or that stands out. If you want to change the size of your text, highlight the text first, then click on the button with two T's. Then click on the size that you desire. If you want to make the text stand out more, highlight the text, then either click on the 'b' (which stands for bold), or 'i' (which stands for italic).


If you want to check your spelling, all you have to do is highlight the word, then click on the 'ABC' button. It will also highlight all of the words they think you have misspelled. Once your done checking all your spelling, click on 'Done spellchecking'.


When your done you have to click 'SAVE NOW' just in case something happens. If your not done yet, and something happens to your computer, like, it freezes or it shuts down, there is always an auto save in case that happens. You can see what time it auto saved beside the 'SAVE NOW' button.


Once you're done, at the bottom put :
I choose (whoever you want) for the next scribe.
Thank you for checking out my scribe, and please leave a comment.


When you just finished look at someone else's scribe, you MUST leave a comment. A useful comment. Not just a 2 word comment. You have to tell them what they missed, or what they did wrong.

^ Always remember!

I choose Danielle for the next scribe.
Thank you for checking out my scribe, and please leave a comment.


Mr. Isfeld said...

Very well done. You did a nice job explaining everything. You might want to double check some of your writing there might be a couple type-os.

Eric43 said...

Good job explaining how to plubish a post on blogger. You did a good job showing how using light colours as a font colour is hard to see. Also 1 thing I found is that auto save and auto saved should be spelt as 2 words.

Allysa43 said...

Good Job! You did really good at the colors and not using the light ones. Also as Mr. Isfeld said, you did make a few mistakes in your typing. You also made it very clear for the people to understand what your trying to say.

melanie873 said...

Great job, Jamie! All your information was very well organized, and very understandable. Although, I also agree with Mr. Isfeld and Eric. You made some "typos." Great job, again!

Brayden said...

Good Job! You did a good job on explaining how to use this. Make sure to spell check.

charity743 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ezekiel743 said...

nice job there was 1 part I didnt understand for a few minutes was the font because of the yellow thingy otherwise good job

charity743 said...

jamie i loved how you used the colors like when you said never use it shows that you put alot of work on this good job

dakota told me to comment for her because her comoputer is not working.she said good job and that she liked the colors

Patricia43 said...

Good job on explaining the things we have to do in order to publish a post on blogger!!! Your post really helped me a lot on some things. Next time double check because you did a few mistakes on your typing. Oh and good job on the colors because it's easy to see!!!

Sharmaine43 said...

Very good job Jamie. You did very well on describing everything. You are very organized on doing your subscribe post. But don't forget to check over your work and use spell check. good job again!

elijah743 said...

oh good job jamie " very professional!" but you put yellow text and i cant really see it but either way its still good.

sierra43 said...

Great job! I love the way you used the colors. It was also very organized and easy to understand. The words stood out when i first opened it up. Don't forget to spell check Jamie! Otherwise, very well done. :)

april43 said...

great job jamie (: as elijah said already, you used yellow which was pretty hard to read, but everything else was good! you did your job very well. :)

emmanuel743 said...

You did a very good job. I like how you used lots of colour to show the different things you can click on to add things or edit. But, try not to use yellow, because i had a bit of a difficulty reading it. good job!

april43 said...

i noticed that you used yellow for a reason, so good job! everything was perfect :)

Tamika743 said...

You did a good job at explaining what we did and using colours. Great Job again!!

Chantell743 said...

Nice job Jamie, although there are a few typos.
But you did a nice job, and the colours make it stand out.

Zerlina 873 said...

Good job, Jamie! I liked how you explained you scribe clearly. It was great. I think you should talk about number of the day, like how it's the first thing you do everyday. But overall you scribe was great!

Riemer43 said...

Great Job ! I liked how you used different color to show the different things you can click on to add things or edit . All your information is very well organized . Well done .

elijah743 said...

AHAHA! sry i now know why you've put yellow. but it didn't stand out. for that yellow word thing. haha sry !

Jemineth43 said...

Good job jamie :) You explained the things we did , neat and understandable, so when people look at yours they'll be able to learn how to post a blog easily. You also used different colours for the text. Like what some other people have already said , you made a few mistakes in your spelling , but all in all it was a good job ! .

Deniel7-43 said...

Thnx! Almost didn't know what to do but thnx for scribing! (>^.^)>

One problem like eric said the auto save But great post!

kathleen743 said...

nicely done! you explained how to publish a post in blogger very neatly and understandable!! GOOD JOB

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