Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scribepost for January 23, 2009

The number for Number of the day is 4568.327, if you didnt finish it it class finish it for homework

In Math Mr.Isfeld gave us the answers for the puzzle,

after that he gave us a folder and 2 sheets that have thinking skills and thinking sense. after he gave us a sheet with these questions and answers

Order the following groups of numbers from least to greatest

1.Q.0.86, 0.87, 0.81, 0.77, 0.50, 0.25, 0.68,
A.0.25, 0.50, 0.68, 0.77, 0.81, 0.86, 0.87

2.Q. 22.987, 22.789, 22.999, 22.199
A.22.199, 22.789, 22.987, 22.999

3.Q. 1.999, 2.001, 3.256, 1.111, 1.234, 1.921
A. 1.111, 1.234, 1.921, 1.999, 2.001, 3.256

Order the following groups of numbers from greatest to least

1.Q. 123.321, 321.123, 333.111, 222.22, 111.33, 213.213, 312.312
A. 333.111, 321.123, 312.312, 222.22, 213.213, 123.321, 111.33

2.Q .1.999, 2.111, 1.111, 2.999, 2.501, 2.510, 1.005
A. 2.999, 2.510, 2.501, 2.111, 1.999, 1.111, 1.005

3.Q. 0.65, 0.06, 0.01, 0.09, 0.90, 0.54 ,0.45
A.0.90, 0.65, 0.54 ,0.45,0.09, 0.06, 0.01

I choose Harvey for the next scribe post


charity743 said...

i liked how you put the examples and how you did your picture.
and how did you do the picture?

anyway you could have put some more colour.otherwise good job

i was actually theFIRST

Eric43 said...

Good job. You did a good job using a picture for an example. Good job again.

Allysa43 said...

Good job Ezekiel! I like how you put the answers on the picture as explained. Highlighting "Harvey's" name really caught my eye. I think you should highlight more words and put more colour in it. But other than that, GOOD JOB!

Harvey743 said...

Good job Ezekiel! You had a few spelling mistakes. And thank you for choosing me for the next scribe post.

Guiseppe said...

I Like someone in our class room 43

Brayden43 said...

Good Job, you explained everything well.

Sharmaine743 said...

Good job! i like how you put examples and nice picture. good job again

emmanuel743 said...

I liked your cribe post ezekiel. it was really good. i liked how you actually remembered or gave an example of how we did thinking skills and thinking sense. anyways, good job. BY THE WAY. i liked your picture

elijah743 said...

good job. i liked how you did picture and thnx for putting the questions and things and for the number of the day. But you should put more colour in the important words. anyways good job !

Zerlina 873 said...

Good job Ezekiel! I like your picture, and your work, it's very organized. I also liked how you added examples, but it kind of looked plain. You should add a little more colours so it would stand out. Good job again!

april43 said...

good job ezekiel! your scribe post was very neat. you explained stuff very well. as she said ^^ you could add a little bit more colors, but other than that, you did really good!

tamika743 said...

good job! i liked how you put examples so everyone knew what happened. You did good on the picture there were alot of shapes.

i think u should have used more colours. anyways good job

Deniel7-43 said...

Nice scribe post and IM THE LAST ONE!! but anyway nice picture and definition to it was awsome!

And good job of putting the picture!


Patricia43 said...

Good job on explaining the things we did!!! I liked your examples and your picture too!!! Good job again!

dakota7-43 said...

i liked your picture and your scribe was easy to understand
good job

jamieq36 said...

Nice scribe Ezekiel! You may want to check your puncuation and capitalization, and you should put a little more colour. Good job on explaining the balancing act, and the Provincial Folders we did. Good job again!!

kathleen743 said...

i like how you presented the balnce shapes picture clearly but you could've put some more colours!! good job though!

Riemer743 said...

good job. ! I reall liked your picture ..

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