Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scribe Post for Jan. 27, 2009

Today in math class we went to the computer lab and worked on our TLE. Today's lesson in TLE was ORDERING NUMBERS.

Today's objecive was: In this lesson you will learn to compare and order fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.

-To do number 1 you have to write the method for ordering/comparing fractions with the same denominator. Example: 4/7 > 3/7
-To do number 2 you need to write the methods for ordering/comparing fractions with different numerators and denominators. Example: Which is greater, 3/5 or 4/9?

You need to change the denominator to 45 because it is the LCD of 5 and 9. Then just compare the numerator. There for the answer to this question is 4/9.

-Next you are going to do a vocabulary list which you can find on the glossary.

-In question number 1 in the other page, you need to use the <> symbol to complete the statement.

-Question number 2 is like number three but you need to change the denominator and replace it with the LCD. Which is 63 in this question. Then all you have to do is compare the numerator and write the correct symbol.

-The last question is just to write the following numbers from greatest to least.

Please comment the mistakes that I did. I choose Allen for the next scribe.


Eric43 said...

Good job on your scribe post. You did a good job on showing what you have to do on the paper work and put an example for it. When you put a scribe post don't forget to add scribepost to your label. :)

Eric43 said...

Good job again!!! :)

Ezekiel743 said...

good job I saw a spelling mistake the word objective caught my and alot of colour good job by the way

charity743 said...

holy trisha good job
i knew you could do it

i love the colrs and how you explained the stuff


good job

dakota7-43 said...

good job patricia it was really good
you really explained the stuff well

good job

Jemineth43 said...

Good Job Patricia ;) ! Your scribepost was made neat and understandable. You had a variety of different colours , for different parts of your blog. The blog talked about , the things we did today .. specially "tle".

Brayden43 said...

Great Job ! I like how you used different colours for different parts. Look over your work before you publish it, objective was spelt wrong.

jamieq36 said...

Good job Patricia! I loved how you used many colours to make the words stand out. You made a spelling mistake, like Ezekiel said, but good job! You explained lots of things very well, and I can tell you put alot of effort into it. Good job again, Patricia! :)

Riemer743 said...

Great Job Patricia ! Good Job on your scribe post . I liked how you used alot of colours to highlight the important words . I also liked how you explained of everything that you talked about . Great Job once again .

Brendan743 said...

Good job Patrica! Your scribe post was very well organinzed.I liked how you used diffrent colours to discribe the words. I noticed that you spelled objective wrong. Anyways, good job again (:

sierra43 said...

Good job. Loved the colours and explaination. But, I saw one silly error you spelt "objecive" instead of "objective." Also, you could have explained more about the <, >, and = symbols. Otherwise, GOOD JOB! :D

allysa43 said...

Good job Patricia! I liked how you put the different colors on the important words and i also like how you explained every single thing we did in T.L.E. The thing that i really liked was how you helped us with our T.L.E. I only saw one mistake and it was, that you forgot to write "scribepost" on the label. But other than that, everything was good !

april43 said...

good job patricia! your scribepost was neat, but you could've organized your colours just a little bit! also, as a few people have already said, you made one little spelling error on the word objective. so just remember to spellcheck! other than that, everything was very well done! :)

elijah743 said...

Good job patricia. nice scribe post! I love how you did the colours. It was neat and i bet that it's pretty hard to make a scribe post about tle. But either way nice job !

kathleen743 said...

good job patricia! you explained what we where doing in t.l.e but you made one spelling wrong.... but still it was undersatble...GOOD JOB AGAIN!

tamika743 said...

good job patricia, i liked everything and how you used colours and examples.
very good job!!

emmanuel743 said...

I liked your scribe post. I like how you used many different colours. Good work

Deniel7-43 said...

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/ Nice job!
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
 └┐▒▒▒▒┌ I liked your post it was colorful and understandable there was a mistake on the word "objective" but still good and big!Nice post though hope you like my picture

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job Patricia! Good use of colour by the way! I liked how you added a link. You should have added a picture too. Oh yeah, some more information. Good job again.

And by the way, your scribe was outstanding!

sharmaine743 said...

great job on saying what to do for tle. your work is very neat and understandable.

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