Monday, March 2, 2009

Scribe Post for March 2, 2009.

First thing we did in class, was do number of the day. The number today was 9876.123.

- the likelihood or change of an event occurring.
  • Favorable Outcomes -> what we want to happen.
  • Possible Outcomes -> what might happen.
Probability can be expressed as a:
Then, we had to come up with:

one impossible outcome/event.
eg. for a pig being about to fly.

one certain outcome/event.
eg. having math homework.

one not sure of outcome/event.
eg. the weather tomorrow.

Right after, we had to do this little problem. We had to place the letters above the percent, fractions and decimals to see how likely that event will happen.

a) Flipping a coin and
landing on heads.
b) With one normal six sided die you roll on 8.
c) A boy contains 8 red markers. You reach into the bag and pull out 1 red marker.
d) You spin a spinner with 4 equal sections marked chocolate, fruit, yogurt, and ice cream. What is the probability of the pointer stopping at fruit?
e) A bag contains letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. You pull out a H.
f) A bag has 3 gold marbles and 1 silver marble. You pull out silver marble.
g) The next baby born in Winnipeg is a boy.

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Find the probability of A.

Find the probability of spinning a Q.

Find the probability of spinning a vowel.


Harvey743 said...

Good Job Sierra! You also had websites which is good. But what is our homework?

april43 said...

Good job Sierra! I really liked your scribepost. Very organized and neat. The only thing I spotted was this: eg. for a pig being about to fly.. I think you mean for a pig being able to fly. HAHA, other than that everything was perfect! (:

april43 said...

OH, and I think you also forgot the "of" in number 'of' the day.. So yeah, just remember to look over your work.

elijah743 said...

Good job, sierra ! nice websites mann. and i can see you've worked on this really well. And, and what about the homework ?. Plus there was hardly any colours. But yea GOOD JOB !

jamieq36 said...

Good job Sierra! I liked the purple! 8) But you can make it more interesting by adding more colours. Very organized, and neat picture! But you forgot to put what our homework was.

Brayden43 said...

Good Job! You explained everything well. I noticed 1 mistake. The eg. for a impossible event, for a pig being about to fly. It should be for a pig being able to fly. You also should've used a bit more colours.

joseph43 said...

good job you told us everything today but you forgot to tell us what was for homework


allysa43 said...

Good job Sierra! I liked your pictures and the different colors on your scribe post.I was very neat and organized. I never saw any mistakes except for "number the day is for homework...." you forgot the of. And also, awesome websites! Other than that, great job!:)

jim 7 43 said...

good job sierra i liked how you put different web was a very nice...GOOD JOB :D

giuseppe743 said...

good job sierra! i like your scribe post, it's neat and clear. you forgot to put the "of" in the number of the day and the eg. for a pig being about to fly it's supposed to be able not about. but it was good. good job again.

Dakota743 said...

Good Job Sierra! Nice scribe. What I liked was that you didn't just put examples of what we did you showed the actual work. Great Job Again!

Patricia43 said...

Good job Sierra!!! Your scribe was very neat and nice! I liked your picture about our homework! Remember to check your work! Good job again!!!

Brendan743 said...

Good job Sierra! Your blog was neat and REALLY organized. I noticed that you didn't put "of" in number of the day . You explained the things pretty well. Good job again.

Jemineth43 said...

Good Job Sierra (: your scribepost was neat and well written. you wrote down definitions for probability .. and etc.. you had a picture of the homework and you also had a link (: all in all good job ! .

charity743 said...

good job sierra
i loved how you organized your post
and i liked your examples and yor colors

kathleen743 said...

good job sierra! nice links for the website and i liked how you explained everything and it was very neat! good job again!

Eric43 said...

Good job Sierra your post was very well done. I liked how you put links in and put down what we wrote for notes too. Good job again!

sharmaine43 said...

good job sierra! you explained everything very well. i like all your pictures and nice colors. your blog is so organized and neat. Good job again!! (:

Camille5 said...

nice job SIERRA! haha im not even in your class

tamika743 said...

Good Job Sierra! Nice scribe.I liked how you didn't just put examples of what we did you showed the actual work. I also liked your colours. good job

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