Monday, March 23, 2009

Scribepost for March 23, 2009

The first thing we did today was number of the day, as usual.
The number was 8756.934, in case you weren't there today, or you
didn't write it down.

After number of the day, we did notes.

Bisect - Bi means "two".
Sect means "cut".
So bisect means to cut in two.
Perpendicular Bisector - A line that divides a line segment in half and is at right angles to it.

How can you create or draw a perpendicular bisector?
1. Free hand O.K. but not perfect.
2. Protractor gets us 90° angle.
Ruler cuts line in half.

3. Use a compass and create arcs.

a) Open compass to greater than half the distance of line.
b) Place compass of pt. (point) A draw an arc.
c) Place compass on pt. B draw an arc.
d) Use a ruler to connect the intersections of the arcs that line is a perpendicular bisector.

Angles -
angle - the figure formed by two lines with a common end point called a vertex.

acute angle - less than 90°

obtuse angle - more than 90°
less than 180°

angle bisector - the line that divides an angle into two equal parts.

How do we make an angle bisector?
1. Free hand not perfect not accurate enough.
2. Protractor.

3. Compass.

a) Arc from vertex,
b) Arc from pt. S (intersection of line and arc)
c) Arc from pt. T (intersection of line and arc)
d) Line from arc intersection to vertex.

After we did those notes, we worked on some Math Links.
Pg. 116 - 121.

Thank you for reading my scribe, and please comment after, if I made any mistakes, or errors.
I choose JORDAN for the next scribe.

P.S : Sorry my scribe was a little late, my computer kept shutting down.


elijah743 said...

NOICE ! blog jamie. Your blog was neat, nice, colourful, easy to read. Also nice pictures, and, and the websites, which is mostly like definitions. Uhmm, the only thing you missed was the reminder, for the test tomorrow. Well yea thats all . Good job jamie ! :D

Brayden43 said...

Good Job! You explained everything well and used lots of colours.

giuseppe743 said...

Good job jamie! Your scribepost was pretty. What I mean by that was it was neat and colorful. I think Mr. Isfeld should give you a full mark for this because yeah it was good and I know that you worked hard and put a lot of effort into it, and the picture sure is hard too. So yeah, keep it up and good job again!

Patricia43 said...

Good job Jamie!!! Your blog was very neat and you explained everything very well!!! I liked your pictures and your scribe had a lot of colors(good!). I can really see that you put a lot of effort in this scribe bcuz I know how hard it is to draw a lot of pictures in paint. Good job again!!!

Eric43 said...

Good job Jamie youtr blog was very organized and nice. You put down everything we did that day and your pictures were excellent. Good job!!

kathleen743 said...

nice blog jamie ! it was very neat and the picture was very understandable ! well you could've reminded us about the test tomorrow! but stuill goood JOB! : )

Allysa43 said...

Awesome job JAMIE! I liked the colors and the pictures on your blog. The pictures were great because they looked like the actual pictures on the projector. I never saw any mistakes, it was very neat and organized. Great websites too! Again, good job!

Dakota743 said...

Good Job Great Scribe Post Jamie!!!

Jemineth43 said...

Oh my Jonas , good job (: You had different colors , in your blog which stood out . It was neat, organized and understandable. You has pictures, websites, and accurate definitions (: Good job agaain (:

Tamika743 said...

great job jamie. i really liked your colours and you explained everything well.
i liked you examples and your pictures.

good work

charity743 said...

good job jamie and i loved the did a good job explaining the stuff and good job with the would have taken me years just to do one.

good job

Harvey743 said...

Good Job Jamie! I like your your scribe post. You used a lot of pictures but still no video. You should choose someone else for the next scribe post.

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